SIEMENS VM1X6A 1x6 Amplified Video Module

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Structured Wiring is very similar to a home's electrical system, which includes a load center connected to an external service. The structured wiring network center is connected to external services (telephone, cable, television, satellite, and internet). Inside the network center, each incoming signal is split and sent down wires to efficiently distribute a variety of data signal throughout the home. Siemens network center is the source point for everything that is behind your walls, and as your needs and wants change, your cables will stay the same. Siemens network center's modular design supports a multitude of services for computer networking, internet access, fax, modem, audio and video distribution, HVAC control, security, CCTV, lighting control and more. As new home technologies emerge, your home will be readily equipped to accept them. It's SMART MADE EASY. Amplified video modules serve as the incoming video service connection point and distribute a CATV signal to multiple televisions. Modulator inputs allow the user to view locally generated channels from DVD, VCR, satellite receivers, cable boxes, CCTV's and more on any TV in the house. 3x8 modules have built-in IR engines which allow infra-red remote control of video equipment.

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